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Above pictures here show the different range of our products that we have introduced into the Malaysian market since day 1. Any other products other than these are not originally from


We hereby announce that we have discontinued sending our products to Malaysia since DECEMBER 2016 . So if there is any distributor or Re-seller in Malaysia who claims that his Cream and other products are from Royal International from Pakistan , please be aware , THIS IS NOT TRUE … currently we don’t have any active distributor in Malaysia , BEWARE OF THE FRAUDULENT DEALERS WHO TEND TO USE OUR NAME TO EARN PROFIT !!!

Many people are trying to use our Brand Name to sale fake products in Malaysia .

Keeping in view , the high demand of ORIGINAL PRODUCTS OF ROYAL INTERNATIONAL , we hereby Proudly announce that we will be launching a new brand with a huge variety of Beauty Products in the Malaysian Market very soon … We promise and ensure to keep up with the standards and quality of the products that you all miss

Please STAY TUNED for further updates regarding the launching of the new products.

Please share this post to maximum people , so that they know about us! We again thank our sincere customers for having faith and confidence in our products ,


Bundle of Thanks

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